holdthefile.com – simplest file storing service without login

Transferring files from phone to a computer, or between computers or between phones is not a problem now.

One of the biggest problems of modern people is undoubtedly to transfer files from the phone to the computer, the files from the computer to the phone, from a computer to another computer, or from one phone to another phone.

What did we not stand up to on this road?

We used our friends from WhatsApp and Messenger as a repository, we put unsafe USB sticks into our computers, struggled with USB cables, we had to log in to our account from computers we did not know, we saved them as drafts etc.

It was a hard time, we had to, but now it’s gone.

Because Hold the File (https://www.holdthefile.com) is here now ! (Superhero theme song here)

What is Hold the File?

Hold the File is a free, link-free, login-free, anonymous file holding service.

You can entrust your files to Hold the File for a short time or for a long time.

For example, you want to transfer a picture taken from your phone to your computer without losing quality. You have some options;

Transferring via USB cable.
Send via bluetooth
Save as mail draft and enter mailbox from computer and find and download it from drafts
Send it to a friend with WhatsApp, scan the QR, enter WhatsApp Web and download it to the computer
No messenger is not. Quality changes and it's the same as 4
and so on and so on
Upload it to Hold the File and get it from any device

Advantages of Hold the File over others;

You can also send the file to others by sharing the keyword or file's link.

If you do not have your own computer with you, you do not need to enter your mail inbox or other accounts from foreign computers and risk your security.

Easier to use and more practical.

There are many temporary file storage and sharing services on the market. The common point of them is that; they give you a link like Hg11930DFdsYu3q1 where you can access your files and ask you to share with this link. Keeping these links in mind can be difficult and complex. Some services also request an e-mail address, which requires entering the e-mail address in order to receive the file.

There is none of these in Hold the File. just

Enter your keyword,
Upload the file,
Enter keyword
Download the file.

How to use?

When you enter the site, you are asked to enter a keyword or phrase. This phrase is the characters you will use later to access your files.

Example phrase : hey teacher i want to jungle jungle

When you enter your phrase, you will see the file upload screen. Now you can select and upload your file.

When you finish uploading your file, you can see the files you uploaded by entering https://www.holdthefile.com on your computer or smart TV or your friend’s computer or your friend’s smart TV or PokeDex and write hey teacher i want to jungle jungle which is your phrase. Here it is, your files.

The phrase can be any phrase you can think of. You can also create a fictional username and password pair like fbiopenthedoor12 : 12345 format. Up to you.

Since there is no file or time limit per user, you can create less personal new fields to share with your friends and share their keywords with your friends. For example, you can use a keyword like cute kittens for golden girls as your public field.

The most important point here is that;

The only obstacle between others and your files is your phrase. If you enter a phrase that everyone will try in the first place, such as trial and error, your files will probably not be private to you. Whereas in an example like the example above, anybody else would have to type a relatively meaningless phrase like hey teacher i want to jungle jungle out of almost endless possibilities to access your files.

Likewise, suppose that the phrase you wrote contains files that do not belong to you; Get out of there immediately, go under the bed and call the Fringe department. Do not download the files there because they may contain files that are harmful to your computers and security. They’re likely to have been deliberately left there by a non-ethical user. Shame on them!

There is no problem sharing the links of the files in your area with other users. Cracking your infinite potential keyword encrypted with the link sha256 is a bit difficult 🙂 and someone who knows your encrypted keyword will not be able to access your files.

Hold the File is completely free, completely anonymous, completely secure and has no time restrictions, and unlike market monopolies, it does not share your information with third, fourth, fifth parties.

It is a service that takes care of your consent security and privacy.

With all these beauties, Hold the File is a simple-to-use, practical and secure file storage, file holding and sharing tool that stands out from its counterparts in the market. Use and share if you like it.

Hope you very good days and pleasant memories.

English is not my native language, so i may make mistakes but i think it’s still clear 🙂

loves <3